VIP wagon project - 3DMaster

VIP wagon

This wagon was designed together with VangaArt. The designers here have tried to realize the dream of their client in the most professional way. And then we, the designers, had to make their exclusive ideas.

This wagon used all the latest technological advances, starting from a table with a telescopic leg (drive system from the world famous LINAK company), while the table, when moved to the lowest level, forms a bed in tandem with a soft corner. Finishing with a double bed with a mobile headrest. The headrest has a very important function, it forms a kind of protective edge. In addition for the headrest to always be located in the direction of the train, it needs to move from one edge of the bed to the other. The space style of the wagon is observed everywhere, in the eaves, in the lower walls, in the upper semicircular panels covered in leather.

In general, the appearance turned out to be rich and sophisticated. You can learn more about VangaArt here


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  • VIP wagon project - 3DMaster

    table with two legs

  • VIP wagon project - 3DMaster

    table drawing

  • VIP wagon project - 3DMaster

    telescopic table

  • VIP wagon project - 3DMaster

    table with telescopic leg

  • VIP wagon project - 3DMaster

    built-in bed with moving headrests

  • VIP wagon project - 3DMaster

    bed drawing




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